An Evening with a pride of Lions in Masai Mara – Part 3

In the previous post, the Lion cub that gave us a beautiful photo opportunity by coming to the waterhole and drinking water, wasn’t done with his act yet. I guess he liked all the attention he got from the numerous tourists who were watching him. He then went to the Lioness sitting closest to the waterhole and cuddled into her.

The Lioness did not mind his intrusion and in the few minutes that they played together, they gave us some beautiful poses that we happily photographed.

Pride of Lions

Pride of Lions

Pride of Lions

Pride of Lions

Pride of Lions



  1. Fascinating sequel of the ‘Evening with a pride of lions…’ photo series. Love the ‘intimate togetherness’ you captured here.

  2. Beautiful post and magnificent pictures of these cubs… Would love to see them one day!

  3. Wonderful series.

  4. Excellent series. Perfect wildlife photography. :-)

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