Animals of India #75 : Barking Deer at a salt lick

Barking Deer is one of the smaller deer species found in the Indian wilderness. They are also one of the most shy deer species in India and get their name from the bark like  alarm call that they make when they spot a predator. Their beautiful faces and glistening golden coat make them one of the most beautiful deer species as well.

On a morning safari in BR Hills, we spotted a Barking Deer at the edge of the Lantana and our naturalist and guide stopped the Jeep and switched off the engine. We wanted to see if this Barking Deer would give us the opportunity to photograph it. After checking out the habitat for a couple of minutes, it came into the open and walked to a nearby salt lick. It was a fully grown adult female Barking Deer. And as it stood at the salt lick looking around for any danger, we got to observe and photograph this beautiful animal in the soft morning light.

Once she classified us in the friendly category, she went about scrapping and eating mud to replenish her precious salt content. Now and then she would give us a casual glance, which gave us an opportunity to get some beautiful compositions. The last frame in which we caught her with her eyes momentarily closed is an indication that she was comfortable with our presence.

Barking Deer

Barking Deer




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  1. Great narrative and fantastic shots. This really is a beautiful animal!

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