Bat-eared Foxes caught sunbathing in Masai Mara

We continued our morning safari in Masai Mara after witnessing the Lioness with the Wildebeest kill, bemused by the ways of nature. Our guide wanted to check another crossing point further up the Mara river. The route to the other crossing point took us slightly away from the river bank. Along the way, Emanuel our driver stopped the Land Cruiser and pointed to something hidden in the short grass.

It was a Bat-eared Fox that was hidden behind the short grass. We took a couple of pictures and were waiting for this fox to come out into the clearing when someone noticed another Fox sitting in the clearing next to what looked like a burrow. Emanuel pointed out that Bat-eared Foxes are mates for life and it was common to spot a couple together. The Foxes were sunbathing and did not seem to mind the stationary vehicle, giving us a few photo opportunities.

Bat-eared Fox

Bat-eared Fox

Bat-eared Fox


Bat-eared Fox

Bat-eared Fox



  1. Beautiful series!

  2. This bat-eared fox is really cute!
    It reminded me of fennec foxes. :)

  3. These are amazing shots, Thomas! This must have been a fabulous experience!

  4. Very nice captures. I like the pose!

  5. Excellent shots. Liked the warm tone.

  6. that perma-scowl look he’s got is pretty cute, nice shots!

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