The purpose of staying at Thengal Manor was to visit the Gibbon sanctuary and also bask in the creature comforts that the colonial bungalow offers. After getting back from the Gibbon sanctuary and having a leisurely breakfast I walked around the vast gardens of Thengal Manor. I was surprised by the number of birds on the property. So on the last day, in the morning, I decided to photograph some of these birds. I was pleasantly surprised by my first catch. The bird I spotted was a pair of White-rumped Munia. But before I could get anywhere close, these tiny wonders took flight and I did not see them for a long time. The gardener noticed my interest in birds and took me to another part of the garden where I spotted an Emerald Dove. And after running behind one Emerald Dove for couple of hours, I got three of them in one frame.

Emerald Dove

While sitting at the garden, this Crimson Sunbird flew by and sat well within camera range and obliged with a few poses. One picture was good enough to make the feature image of this post as well.

Crimson Sunbird

White-rumped Munia

Finally, as I was contemplating calling it a day, the tiny White-rumped Munia that I missed photographing in the morning, came by and perched on a shrub closely giving some frame filling compositions.

White-rumped Munia

White-rumped Munia

The Munia got very comfortable with my presence and it flew down onto the ground very close to pick some twigs for its nest. Some days you just get lucky with birds and I guess today was one of those days.