Kaziranga national park in the Twilight zone

The early sunsets in the Kaziranga national parkduring winters gave us few wonderful opportunities to photograph wildlife is a completely different setting. Here are some of those images taken in the Twilight Zone.

We heard alarm calls near this lake and patiently waited for over an hour to see if we could get a glimpse of a Royal Bengal Tiger. We missed out on the Tiger but were fortunate to get an opportunity to photograph this Indian Rhinoceros, which was crossing the lake just as the sun had set.This Rhino mother and calf were peacefully grazing near a water body inside the Kaziranga national park and the twilight zone lighting just added to the magic.

The yellow orb of the setting sun is absolutely mesmerizing during the chilly winter evenings in the Kaziranga national park. As the sun set for the day, this black-necked stork made a perfect landing while the common sandpiper looked on. Wildlife photography has taught us never to never put down the camera until there is absolutely no natural light. And that learning paid us rich dividends when one evening this huge Rhino bull decided to mock charge us during the twilight zone just as we were exiting the Kaziranga national park.



  1. Gorgeous, nice to see the expansive landscapes as well as the animal portraits.

  2. These are heavenly images. To see animals in the wild gives one hope. To preserve the beauty of light and form in the natural world is a gift to us all. Thanks!

  3. stunning!!

    that bird and reflection is amazing.

    its nice to see the sun makes such glorious light all over the reflective world. Thank you.

  4. Wow, talk about up close and personal with a Rhino! Cool lighting.

  5. Very atmospheric Thomas.

  6. that place is teeming with wildlife, and i do think you're right about not putting down the cam until there's still light.. :) great work with these shots.. :)

  7. What incredible photographs… Wow the sky colours and the sun's golden hues, along with the wildlife captures, all meet well to celebrate this place you visit~

  8. Beautiful twilight mood, lovely tones and light. Another great photo series – well done!

  9. Splendid light on these pictures Thomas and I love the last one a lot too. Still reach perfection on this set! Congrats!

  10. That first shot is a cracker! great stuff.

  11. Wonderful colors!

  12. The first photograph is my favourite.

  13. they are just too gorgeous! esp the first one!

  14. Wonderfull pics !

  15. whoaa! your pictures are class apart!

  16. great captures and moments!! congratulations!!

  17. A beautiful photograph, perfect framing, as well as the tonality, superb treatment,bravo!

  18. Wow ! What a serie again ! You are absolutely right ! the light is so important and it's gorgeous in your pictures !!

  19. Thomas: Beautiful captures from your trip, Really loved the last photo of the Rhino.

  20. Just to live in an area like you do is mind-blowing to me. I think my camera would grow stuck to my face. Such beauty everywhere.

  21. I wonder if you EVER put your camera down, Thomas!! Thankfully not. :)

  22. Hi Thomas.
    The picture of the stork is just beautiful!

  23. Great set of photos!
    My favourite is the first one.

  24. I love the Rhino Photo it's just so strange to me how different your Rhino's to ours :)

  25. magnificent shots! the first landscape with the silhouette of the rhino is very beautiful!

  26. fantastic rhino portrait

  27. We are used to see beautiful pictures from you,but the first…
    the first is wonderful!!!

  28. That last shot is excellent. I especially like it with the blur of movement in the leg.

  29. Glad the Rhino wasn't serious about charging you! I love the expansive views in your photography. It's such a big world but you bring it a little closer to us so we are able to inspect it. Lovely!

  30. nature at it's best!

  31. SPLENDID as usual .

  32. you really captured a wonderful spirit in each of your photos.

  33. Exceptional images Thomas! Your photography is surpassed only by your conceptual ability to see nature in all its glory.

  34. Truly amazing images, love the tones from the twilight hours, especially the stork in flight that one is my favorite. Beautiful captures, the rhino facing straight on is ominous. Stunning work!

  35. those shots are really amazing!!!! excellent work. well done!!!

  36. All three shots are spectacular but that first one especially has so much atmosphere, looking at it makes me think I am there.

  37. What for wonderful a atmosphere in all the fantastic pictures, Thomas. Superb !

  38. Beautiful photos,i like the rhino shot.

  39. Beyond stunning, Thomas. You've really captured the magic of twilight. Marvelous!

  40. wow – stunning images from Kaziranga!

  41. wow such beautiful shots…it must have been such fun being there…love them all…esp the stork flying..the color there is so mesmerising…cheers!!!

  42. What a wonderful series.
    The stork picture is just amazing!

  43. Very nice serie.
    The first one is a very great shot.
    Have a nice week.

  44. Wonderful shots, love the one of the bird flying.

  45. These are heavenly images. Great shots Thomas it's so marvelous, thanks a lot !

  46. And I was so excited to photograph a moose! Wonderful shots.
    Thank you for visiting My Muskoka !

  47. Terrific photographs

  48. très belle série par les lumières et les sujets

  49. Stunning pictures, as always!

  50. Light, stars, dusk, truth,… twilight enhances everything to be beautiful! More than saying fantastic captures, bravissimo sei.

    >< maybe I will be lucky to find shots of my favorite lions if you can:)

  51. That first rhino photo in the sunset is magnificent. Great work as always. Enjoyed ALL of the twilight photos. Very interesting.

  52. Very nice serie, the one with the mother and small rhino is a piece of art 😉

  53. What a privilege to be that in tune with nature. Your photos are stunning to say the least. Thank you for sharing!!

  54. I love all your shots!

  55. Beautiful! Simply beautiful this is real beauty…the first picture rules..

  56. Excellent set of photos, Thomas. What nerve you have to face the Rhino! Even if it was only a mock charge.

  57. Thomas surreal!
    Anna :)

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