Scintillating courtship dance of India’s national bird – The Peacock

We have been fortunate to observe and photograph the courtship dance of the Peacock a few times in the past. Nowadays, every time we see a Peacock, we intuitively switch off the vehicle engine and wait for a few minutes to see if it will perform the dance. In this case we spotted this Peacock dancing at a distance.

I was going through my Peacock archives and noticed that this was the same safari track on which we photographed our first Peacock courtship dance way back in 2009! And we realised that almost every time we have gone on this safari track in the Nagarhole national park,we have spotted a Peacock or two along the side of the tracks.

This time was no different. We spotted two Peacocks close to each other. One of them was preening itself giving us an eye-level perspective of a Peacock. While the one featured here, not only performed the courtship dance, but kept calling throughout, giving us a unique opportunity to photograph this singing Peacock from close quarters.








  1. This is really a magnificient bird.

  2. These are stunning! I like your new website!

  3. Magnificent… This beast makes me remember about the “Handicap principle”… You should read the book of Zahavi ;-) You got wonderful pictures….

  4. Thought blue color of Peacock is difficult to capture within camera lens but you have clicked very well. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow – nature photography at its best!

  6. Another excellent series. Keep it up. Liked the last one, the most.

  7. Nice peacock photos and description.
    Thanks for posting.

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