We were on a morning game drive in Maasai Mara National Park, when we decided to go check out one of the frequently used crossing point on the Mara river. As we reached the crossing point, we noticed a herd of African elephants on the river bank. Instinctively we knew that there was the possibility of this herd crossing the river. We setup our vehicle and camera and were ready for the action. The first members of the herd came to the water’s edge and we caught them drinking water from the river.

We zoomed in with the D5S-600mm camera setup and got closer pictures of the Elephant herd drinking water. When the Elephants started crossing the Mara river, we switched back to the D700-200mm camera setup to get the whole herd.

As the herd reached the opposite bank, we switched back to the telephoto setup to get this picture of the African elephants emerging from the water.