We had been to Coorg, many years ago and when the lockdown opened up, we decided to spend a few days to get over the lockdown syndrome. We picked Coorg Wilderness Resort as our destination this time and what an incredible find it turned out to be. Coorg Wilderness Resort is close to civilization and yet a quiet and tranquil place and it turned out to be a birding paradise, like none other. In the few days we spent there, we spotted many species of birds. This post is a curtain raiser for the many posts that are scheduled on this incredible Birding Haven. And the best part is all these birds are photographed from the comfort of the suite’s balcony/ sit-out – what more can one ask for !

This pair of Scarlet Minivets flew closely and perched themselves on a nearby tree scanning the canopy for a quick meal. We also spotted that they were a father-son combo. More about this in subsequent posts. The Malabar Whistling Thrush (below) was calling all day long and we found out the reason why. More interesting facts about it in a post later.

The Hill Myna has been an elusive species for us for a very long time. Coorg Wilderness Resort gets drowned in Hill Myna calls throughout the day and we looked forward to photographing a few in good light. The pair of Malabar Parakeet that flew by and perched on a shrub, under 30 feet was an opportunity we did not let go. The male Malabar Parakeet is the feature image of this post.

Malabar Parakeet – Female