After the exciting sightings of the Caracal and the Serval, we reached the area of the most popular Leopardess of Maasai Mara. But she wasn’t on her favourite tree and we moved ahead in search of her. After going around for a while, we got news that she was indeed sitting near the tree. We rushed back to the location and found her sitting, beautifully camouflaged at the base of the tree.

We spent the rest of the morning with her, as she sat patiently beside the tree, waiting for an unsuspecting prey to come down to drink water in the stream passing by. But there was no such luck and it was time for us to head back to the lodge. On the way back we saw this African Elephant herd crossing the road.

The same day, during our evening safari, we came back to the exact location, where we had left the Leopardess in the morning. She was still there by the side of the tree waiting for that elusive prey. She had waited all morning and all of this afternoon, but today wasn’t her day. While many prey species walked by, none did close enough for her to stalk and make a kill. Finally as the sun went down, we said our goodbyes to probably the most patient Leopardess we had ever seen, and headed back to the lodge.