Kabini is one of our favourite wildlife destinations and the fact that its about 5 hours drive from home is an added incentive to head off there on a long weekend. On this morning safari drive, we spotted a Tusker – a male Asiatic Elephant, attempting to cross the highway that runs through the park. After the elephant crossed, we decided to drive through the buffer area or the park that is also known for its wildlife sightings. Not far into the drive, we were distracted by the calls of the Red-wattled Lapwing and when we got closer, our driver spotted Red-wattled chicks right on the road. We stopped our vehicle and let the chicks come to us, giving us the opportunity to get some pictures, one of which is the feature image of this post.

Right after the amazing sighting of the Red-Lapwing chicks, we spotted a Peacock taking in the morning sun, perched high on a tree. While we were watching the Peacock, the calls of a Black Kite caught our attention. We drove ahead closer to the direction of the call only to spot this nesting Black Kite.

Not far away, another Peacock was sun bathing, but this one was almost at eye level – its feather trail glistening in the bright sunlight. As we headed back to the park exit, we spotted this sparring Grey Junglefowl. We moved close enough to get a decent picture, without disturbing them.