As the late morning sun got hotter, the Tigress mom, Choti Tara led her cubs into the shaded undergrowth farther away from us and soon disappeared. As we prepared to move to a different area of the Tadoba National Park, this handsome Spotted Deer Stag emerged from the lantana and we framed him when he stood motionless for a brief moment.

And this Collared Scops Owl had just emerged from the trunk to catch some morning sun. On the evening safari, we went into a different zone of the park in search of another Tigress popularly known as Sonam. We did spot her coming to the lake to cool off, but she rested on the other bank of the lake, far away from us, giving us the opportunity to get some Tiger in habitat pictures.

After giving us a couple of opportunities to take pictures, she emerged from the water and disappeared into the tall grass on the bank. Meanwhile, we got some pictures of these sparring Spotted Deer in golden morning light as we headed into Tadoba in search of more Tigers.