This post is about the first massive male African Elephant that we encountered on our trip to Amboseli National Park. As it strolled past us, we composed him against the lovely backdrop of the African Savannah. The male African Elephant is very similar to their Indian cousins given that they are loners of sorts.

While we were observing the huge bull Elephant, we could see a herd of Elephants in the distance headed towards crossing the road much further ahead. We said our goodbye to this huge fellow and rushed off to catch up with the herd before they crossed the road. We reached with time to spare and watched this handsome young African Elephant hurrying towards the crossing point.

The herd in the meantime leisurely crossed the road, a little ahead, behind another parked tourist vehicle. And this time they looked in no hurry and we saw them hanging around the crossing point, maybe for all the members of the herd to cross.

I got this picture of the sub adult, that we photographed a couple of minutes ago, as he hurriedly crossed over and rushed to the safety of the herd.