Strangely enough Amboseli National Park is one place where we did not spot many African Lions, except for a pride that we saw on day one of our visit. While we searched the length and breath of the park, we did not see another pride or lone males. We made one last attempt to check for them around the Amboseli lake, which is at one end of the park. Finally we spotted two brothers sleeping in the open in this remote corner of the park. One brother (above) was a little more active than the other (below) who just sat there staring at us most of the time.

The more active brother got up, looked at us, yawned a couple of times (feature image), preened himself every now and then, which gave us ample opportunities to make a series of portraits pictures (below).

All this while, the other brother sat motionless. He eventually had enough of us and went back to his siesta and we got this final picture of him before he rested his head in deep slumber.