For us Maasai Mara happens to be one of the best national parks in the world and we try and visit the Mara every year for a few days. On this first game drive during one of our trips there, we went looking for the famous Cheetah brothers who were sighted close to the Kenya-Tanzania border. While looking for the Cheetah brothers, we spotted a few African Lions at the foot of a small hillock. We dashed off to get a closer look and found three sub adult Lions relaxing there.

When we got close, the three Lions moved a bit away from each other giving us the opportunity to photograph each of them separately. The Lioness (above) seemed the smallest of the three and looked up at us as we photographed her. The sub adult Lion (below) was the most active of the lot and it gave us some lovely portrait images.

One of many pictures we took of this African Lion is the feature image of this post. The lazy Lioness as the picture depicts was completely uninterested in us and went to sleep when we got closer to her. We noticed that the Lions were looking in a particular direction most of the time, and we decided to head a bit in that direction to see if we could spot the rest of the pride.