On one of the evening game rides, we decided to head straight back to the same location where we saw the Lions in the morning, hoping to see the Lion cubs. When we reached the location, we saw a couple of tourist vehicles parked there. This was a giveaway that the pride of Lions had been spotted. We were curious to know whether the cubs had also been seen or not. As we parked by the side of the road, a Lioness stepped onto the road with four cubs.

Lioness walking along road with cubs

Lioness with cubs

The Lioness and cubs were headed straight and slowly walked past our parked vehicle. The sight of the Lioness with her cubs was simply amazing and we clicked away to our heart’s fill. As the family walked away from our vehicle, we suddenly noticed that the fourth cub had stopped and was looking around. This cub seemed to be the most enterprising of the lot since it would every now and then go about his to explore the surroundings. As a result it would always be lagging behind the others.

Lioness shepherding cubs

Lioness checking on cubs

The Lioness would stop every few yards to check on this curious cub. We decided to drive much ahead of the Lioness and photograph the family as they walked slowly towards us. We got a series of pictures of the Lioness with her cubs and then we got another lucky break. The Lioness stopped in her tracks, shepherded the cubs and decided to rest on the middle of the road for a few moments, giving us ample time to observe the antics of these mischievous cubs.

Lioness with cubs - resting

Lion cubs

Soon, something in the tall grass caught the Lioness attention. She got up immediately, turned to that direction and walked away disappearing into the tall grass with the cubs quietly following her. We thought this beautiful sighting in Masai Mara had come to an end. But check out our next post on how the rest of the evening safari went by.