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After an overnight stay at the picturesque Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge,Tanzania we proceeded to the world famous Serengeti National Park the next day. The road trip to Serengeti took us through the hilly terrain of the world heritage site of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The tarmac road ends as you enter the Conservation Area and remains a mud road throughout Ngorongoro and Serengeti National Park. The hilly terrain of Ngorongoro eases into the rocky roads of the Olduvai Gorge and finally opens up into the endless plains as you cross over into the Serengeti National Park.

At first the vast endless short grass plains of Serengeti leave you speechless and awestruck. As we regained our bearings and entered the park from the south-eastern side, we saw the open plains, on either side of the road, crowded with thousands of Wildebeest and hundreds of Zebras. That is when it donned on us that we were entering the southern tip of Seregenti where the Wildebeest and Zebras congregate every year to begin one of the great wonders on earth – The Annual Migration.

Our drive to the Ikoma Bush Camp, our overnight destination, took us through the entire stretch of Serengeti, from  south-east to central Serengeti and finally we exited the park from the northern exit in the evening. The drive gave us the right perspective of the Annual Migration since the density of wildlife thins out as you go farther and farther from the congregation zone. Here are a few images of this spectacle of wildlife congregation.