In our earlier post on Black-backed Jackals whom we sighted in the Serengeti national park, Tanzania, we had shared photographs of a Jackal cub that had got curious about us and came very close to our vehicle.  Like we mentioned in that post, there were these Black-backed Jackal cubs playing with some plastic waste carelessly disposed by someone. This pastic waste had become an object of play for these juveniles.

At first, one cub got hold of the plastic wrapper and tried to tear it apart, but he met with little success. Then two of them pulled at it, then three and finally all four of the cubs clenched the plastic waste and pulled hard to try and get their share of it. Inspite of the tussle between these cubs, the plastic wrapper held its own. Finally, one cub got the wrapper all to itself and bolted in the direction of our vehicle with the other three in pursuit of it. It was thrilling to observe the social behavior of these Jackal cubs and we have tried to capture the essence of this wildlife experience in these photographs.