We saw the massive African Elephant brothers on the first day in the Serengeti national park. But after that we hadn’t seen African Elephants during our rides in Serengeti, up until now. We were driving from western Serengeti to Ngorongoro and we came across a huge herd of over 30 African Elephants including calves.

The herd was forging on the shrubs and grass along the roadside. Once we approached them, theymoved away from us; i guess to protect the calves. However, once they realized that we were no threat they continued their feeding. We were also fortunate to see some of them skillfully strip the bark off the trunk of the small trees that dotted the terrain.

We thanked our lucky stars and made good use of this opportunity to photograph African Elephants in their natural habitat. About 30 minutes into the sighting, for some unknown reason we saw few of the juvenile bulls in the herd get very excited. They started trumpeting and mock charging the many jeeps that had stopped along the road to watch this wildlife experience. We were wondering as to what had spooked these Elephants. We will share that with you in the next edition of this experience.