During our visit to Serengeti, our first sighting of the African Lions was an experience that tested our patience.We chanced upon a pride of Lions on a hot afternoon in Serengeti. And, we saw, that true to their reputation they were enjoying their siesta time.There were about 10 Lioness and cubs scattered around and sleeping in the tall grass. Many tourist jeeps came, stood for a few minutes and left. However, we patiently waited for over an hour, braving the hot afternoon sun.Our patience was well rewarded with some cool antics by this cute Lion cub that had chosen the trunk of a Sausage tree to sleep during the hot afternoon. The Lion cub was sleeping when we first saw it. But after a while it woke up because of the disturbance created by the noisy birds perched higher up on the tree. At the same time, we realised that the commotion of the passing jeeps had disturbed one of the Lioness, who got up, gave us a stare and went back to sleep. Finally, it was only during the last 15 minutes of the sighting that we got some lovely shots of the Lioncub who had woken up and was engrossed in finding a way to climb down the tree. We got some reasonably good pictures of the action in spite of the trying lighting conditions.