Elephants have always amazed us and we have many memorable encounters with them. As we write this post, some moments that flash through our memories of Indian Elephants are those of being mock charged, road blocked by them and that of they getting very close to us.We were pretty excited to see African Elephants in the wild and our first sighting of them was simply incredible. These massive gentle giants were feeding by the roadside and we parked at a comfortable distance and watched them feeding. We clicked a few pictures and continued observing them. These Elephants were so engrossed in their feeding that knowingly or unknowingly they were slowly drifting closer and closer to our Jeep, till at one point they were so close that we got full frame images of just their heads. We had always thought that they would be larger in size than the Indian Elephants, but we realized that they are not. They are very similar to the Indian Elephants, except for some distinct features like the shape of their ears.