The Kirk’s Dik-dik is an antelope found in Eastern Africa. We saw them mostly in Western Serengeti and were told that they are not only shy, but also very small in size, making it easy to overlook them in the bushes.

Whenever we spotted them, they used to run away before the vehicle reached anywhere near them. Given their small size, we had to get real close for good images, which was obviously challenging.
However, we did manage to have one of the best sightings of the Kirk’s Dik-dik while we were in Western Serengeti. One evening, when we spotted the Dik-dik at a distance, we approached it very slowly. Surprisingly, it allowed us close enough, so that we got a couple of images and then it walked behind the bushes. To our pleasant surprise, we realized that there were two of them, a courting couple and in the ensuing minutes we got some lovely compositions of both of them in the same frame.