We love photographing wild Elephants and are really fortunate that they are found in good numbers in the South Indian Sanctuaries of Bandipur, Mudumalai, Kabini, Nagarhole and BR Hills. We have done quite a few posts on elephants and you can see them here:

(a) Photographing a wild Elephant from a distance of about 5 feet,

(b) Observe Elephants in a playful mood,

(c) Charged by an Elephant,

(d) Witness a show of strength by numbers.

During one of our recent Jeep Safaris into the Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary, we got to see this lone Tusker (Male Asiatic Elephant). Tuskers are known for their destructive strength, low tolerance and long tusks. We spent about 30 minutes with this massive mammal and got a chance to observe and photograph its behavior.All images are taken with the D80 with the 18-200mm VR lens.

In this image, the Tusker is reaching out and plucking Tamarind pods from a Tamarind tree.

Here you see him emerging from the Lantana, giving us a view of his massive frame.

In this image, he is trying to get his share of nutrients at a salt lick

While we were watching him, another Jeep came into the scene, which disturbed the Tusker resulting in a mock charge by him.And here he is, in his full glory!

And finally in this image, you can see how a huge Tusker can just disappear into the Lantana.