The Sambar Deer is the most widely spread deer species in the world, covering many countries in the Asian continent. It is also one of the larger members of the deer family. Some males are known to weigh up to 300 kgs. Their population is large and spread to almost every corner of India. While they are not in the endangered list, they are categorized as vulnerable. They are the favourite prey species for the tiger. A large Sambar can feed a Tiger for up to 4 days. Unlike the spotted Deer, which shouts an alarm and darts away at the sight of a predator, the Sambar tends to alertly watch and keep giving alarm calls until the danger has passed.
Indian Sambar Deer typically display solitary and isolated behavior. Most of the time, they are seen roaming alone. In case they have company, it is that of a very small group. The senses of the Sambar Deer are highly developed, which helps them in detecting their predators easily. Whenever they perceive danger, they start giving a repetitive honking alarm call.

Below are few images of this Deer that we have taken during our various trips to the Indian wilderness.