There are many Tiger conservation initiatives that are active in India at this point in time. We dedicate this post one such new initiative known as the Save Our Tiger initiative lead by Aircel.

The campaign talks about how only 1411 Tigers are left in India and calls out for an urgent need to protect this majestic cat. Pl. take a minute to watch this touching advertisement, which launched the Save Our Tiger initiative.

Now coming to our post; we recently visited the Tadoba Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary near Chandrapur in Maharastra, India. And we were extremely lucky to seenot one, not two, but 4 Tigers (1 Tigress, 2 sub-adult Tigress and a huge male Tiger) during as many Jeep safaris into the Sanctuary!

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This post is on a sighting we had of a sub adult Tigress during one of the safaris. We had parked our Jeep near a water hole in the Sanctuary and were just waiting and hoping for some action to happen. Then suddenly, we heard loud Sambar alarm calls and within moments we saw this sub-adult Tigress come out of the bushes and walk majestically along the Jeep tracks. She was oblivious to our presence and sauntered towards the water hole. It looked as if she had had a good meal and was here to quench her thirst. She was at the water hole for almost 20 minutes and we must say that this has been one of our best sightings till date.Here’s a series of images taken with the D300, 300mm f2.8 lens. Some images are taken with the 2x TC mounted as well. It is very unfortunate that this majestic cat is an Endangered species today and we hope that we see their numbers flourish in the wild in the years to come.