We hope you enjoyed the first part of ‘Romance in the rains’, the thrilling experience we had at the Tadoba National Park. Now we move on to Part 2 (the next 30 minutes) of the series.

We saw that while the Tigress was calm and composed, the male Tiger was very restless. The incessant rains, the tourists in as many as 10 Jeeps and the presence of the territorial male Tiger at sniffing distance made him quite uncomfortable.

This Tiger was surely not used to the proximity of so many Jeeps and humans and his restlessness kept us on our toes. It was as if he had a perennial “Do not disturb” expression on his face and with every passing minute, he seemed to be getting more and more annoyed.All these images have again been taken with the D300, 300mm f2.8 mounted on a mono pod. We were photographing in the rains and you can see that in some of the images below. You can also see the Tigress giving us her first glances in the last but one image.