Tiger picturesRomance in the rains – Part three captures the last 30 minutes of this amazing wildlife experience that we had at the Tadoba national park. The rain gods finally relented and it stopped raining after about an hour into the sighting. With the stopping of the rains, the romancing couple contemplate taking shelter in the thick lantana shrubs that are close by.

As we continued watching, we saw both the male and the female Bengal Tiger slowly get up, snarl at each other and cross over to the other side of the road. While the Tigress casually strolled between two Jeeps and crossed the road as seen in the third and fourth images, the male Bengal Tiger made a more spectacular exit as seen in the last image.

The first and last image is taken with the D80, 18-200mm lens combo while the rest of the images are taken with the D300, 300mm f2.8 lens.Tiger picturesTiger picturesTiger picturesTiger picturesTiger pictures