We would like to follow up our earlier post on Bera with this on one of the male Leopard’s known to live around there. As mentioned in our earlier post, we were fortunate to have seen the Leopardess during every safari – both morning and evening. However, on one particular evening we didn’t see the Leopardess for quite some time. We were wondering whether we would sight her at all or not. Then suddenly, we saw some movement in the hillock. We were excited thinking that we would see the Leopardess soon. But instead of her, we realised that it was a Leopard – a beautiful, big male because of whom the Leopardess was in hiding that evening. The Leopard gave us a wonderful sighting of 15-20 mins and we were able to get some good images of the Leopard in its natural rocky habitat.

All images were taken with the D300, 300mm f2.8 lens with the 2x TC and basic processing was done using Nikon Capture NX software.