The daily sighting of the Leopardess of Bera during our stay at Leopard’s Lair was no doubt the highlight of our trip to Bera. However, the most cherished moment of our trip was the sighting of her two cubs. In one of our earlier posts, we had talked about the sudden disappearance of the Leopardess when a male Leopard had wandered nearby. We realised that the primary reason for her to do so were her cubs.

Our first glimpse of the Leopard cubs was when we sighted them high up in the hillock on the same evening we saw the huge male Leopard. On the last morning of our stay, the cubs ventured a little lower in the hillock and we got an opportunity to observe their behavior.

The early morning fuzzy light and the distance between us and the cubs made photography pretty challenging. Nevertheless, the show that the “Princes of Bera” put up for us was mesmerizing. Here are a few record shots of that wildlife experience.