The endangered Asiatic Elephants make amazing photography subjects. Over the years we have photographed them in their various moods. There were times when we have caught them ‘mock charging’ us, and others while they were frolicking in the water. Once we got them together posing for us as one big family while yet another time we photographed these gentle giants in full frame with a wide angle lens, when they were just about at our arm’s length. Then we have captured the Tuskers, common name for the male ‘Asiatic Elephants’; their long tusks posing by themselves as majestic subjects. There was one memorable incident where we had a massive Tusker block our Jeep on the forest tracks and another sighting where yet another one was oblivious to us, busy plucking and feedingat a tamarind tree.

In this post, we wanted to highlight some intimate perspectives of these gentle giants. The first image captures the ‘watering eyes’ of the Elephant that got very close for a 600mm focal length. The second image caught a calf in a cagey moment fishing for water! The third photograph captures the show of strength of a ‘Makhana’ (Tuskless male Elephant). While the fourth one captures a bunch of juveniles in a playful moment in a waterhole. And finally, the last image captures a glimpse of an intimate wildlife moment of a suckling calf, which left us awestruck.