Wild Water Buffaloes are a highly endangered species found in the North-Eastern parts of India and some parts of Asia.  The origin of the Sri Lankan wild Water Buffalo is a debated topic and still inconclusive. Some findings say that all Sri Lankan wild buffaloes are feral populations while another study points to the fact that there is indeed an indigenous wild buffalo and its genetic integrity needs to be protected. Whatever the case, one point that both viewpoints converge on is the fact that the wild water buffaloes in Sri Lanka are highly endangered species and need to be protected.

While the debate continues, our focus is on observing and photographing these wild buffaloes. Yala National Park is a popular destination in Sri Lanka where one can observe wild water buffaloes and we sighted many herds in and around the many waterholes in the park. Like their Indian cousins these beasts too seemed very comfortable lying in mud pools or waterholes and cooling off during most of the day. In just one instance we saw a bull right in the middle of the safari tracks and it seemed unmoved by our presence and left after displaying a show of strength.