The Maasai Mara Landscape lends itself to some of the most amazing Animalscapes for the mindful traveller. Here are some that we captured because we happened to be there at the right place at the right time. For example we caught the pair of Common Waterbucks in their courting frenzy just because we paused for a few minutes to observe them. And we spotted a pair of Oribis as we started our morning game drive.



We spotted this Savannah Monitor lizard hurriedly crossing the road. It paused for a couple of minutes as we got some closeup compositions of it. Next up was the curious Thomson Gazelle who kept its gaze fixed on us as I took the time to frame it in a portrait composition.



It was not long before Emanuel, our driver and guide, spotted these Black-backed Jackals at a distance and we switched off the vehicle and waited for them. As they came within the range of my 300mm f2.8, mounted with 2x TC, we froze them in action. Finally the picture of a shy Cheetah in the beautiful golden morning sunlight was a prized capture.