Our maiden trip to Kanha National Park left us in awe of the incredibly beautiful habitat and excellent management of the park by the forest officials. Over the last few months you might have seen our posts on the beautiful park and in this last post on Kanha National Park, we wanted to focus on some of the pictures that are stories by themselves. The feature image, above, is of a Barasingha that had lowered its head to graze and that brought all the focus onto its famous antlers. The Jungle Owlet was basking in the morning sunlight making a lovely composition.

These male Barasinghas had just finished sparring and the winner walked away towards a herd of female Barasinghas that were grazing closely, while the vanquished looked on. The Langur was just sitting by the roadside, like in most parks in India, pondering over its next move while we stopped to take this picture.

The Red-throated Flycatcher, was an accidental catch, while we had parked the vehicle. The flycatcher stopped by on a tree close to where we were parked and we caught a glimpse before it disappeared. This last picture is that of a Barasingha that was heading to the swamps and they always make a lovely composition, amidst tall grass.