We had visited Banipur Wildlife sanctuary in South India many a times in the past. This time around we stayed in Jungle lodges and resorts, Bandipur. This new property has 22 theme cottages. Birdlife at the resort was awesome to say the least. We spotted Sunbird, Munia, Asian Koel, Barbet, Leafbird, Sparrow and Flowerpecker to name a few.

There was a big fig tree on the pathway leading to the cottages, which we noticed was a major attraction amongst the birdlife in the area. Among so many varieties that were flocking to the tree, we saw Coppersmith Barbets visiting frequently to feast on the ripe figs.

I spent about 2 hours watching and photographing the antics of this Barbet brigade. My time and effort was rewarded with some of the best shots of these beauties.

I must admit Coppersmith Barbets are really colorful species.

It was amazing to see these little birds, not more that 15-20 cm in size. They have a voracious appetite for figs and their fig feasting frenzy was a sight to watch.