Thanks to the internet explosion and the blogging community at large; gone are those days when you have to be physically at a place to see it and experience its various sights and sounds. Isn’t it amazing that today, just by visiting blogs from places around the world it is possible to “Go around the world”! Here I present to you the “I and the Bird” Edition #112 where we travel, “Around the world in 66 blogs”.


Destination #1 – Bangalore, India (the place I live) is the starting point of our journey. Garima, an avid birder from Bangalore, sent me this beautiful post on Balcony birding. It is amazing that she’s able to see a paradise flycatcher from the comfort of her balcony.

Destination #2 – Still in the same city, go along with Apana on one of his birding trips around Bangalore.

Destination #3 – Bangalore, India is also home to Sandeep. Checkout the beautiful Red-Wattled Lapwing on his photoblog.

Destination #4 – In Southern India, our next stop is Chennai where we visit Ambika. She has an uncanny way of discovering hidden wetlands like this one in Pallikaranai.

Destination #5 – Next we move to Mumbai, India, home to Vamsee. I envy Vamsee for the frequent breaks she takes to visit many places across the world. Let’s join her on her first trip to Dandeli.


Destination #6 – From India, I take you to Sulawesi, Indonesia, home to Iwan, an avid birder. The Lilac Kingfisher, endemic to Sulawesi is a must see for all.

Destination #7 – Then we move on to Mesilat Tsion, Israel, home to Yoav. His blog on birding in Israel is a surely a must visit.

Destination #8 – Next we visit John & Jemi in Hong Kong. I loved browsing through their blog post dedicated to birding in Hong Kong. They have beautiful bird photos especially the flight shots that have been taken.

Destination #9 – Hong Kong is also home to Kriz. His collection of closeup images of Lorikeet is just amazing.

Destination #10 – From Hong Kong we move to Hokkaido, Japan where Stella lives. His Autumn #2 has an interesting mix of birds and landscape images.

Destination #11 – Borneo, Malaysia is home to Jason. And the sheer variety of Pittas in the submission here is a true tribute to this wonderful birding location.

Destination #12 – Still in Malaysia, we move to Raub, where our avid bird photographer friend Dr. Tabib lives. Pl. check out his series of images where he has captured the behavior of the Silver-Eared Mesia.

Destination #13 – The multi-cultural island of Singapore is our next stop where we visit the Bird Ecology Study Group (BESG) blog by W C Yee. The Brown Shrike smacking on a grasshopper is well documented.

Destination #14 – From Singapore we move to India’s neighbouring country – Colombo, Srilanka, which is home to Amila. Pl. check out his mesmerizing post on Darters & migratory birds. There is also a pleasant suprise in that post. Check it out!


Destination #15 – We leave Asia and journey towards Europe where our first stop is Tirol, Austria. There we visit Dale – a walking encyclopedia of Alpine birding spots. Check out one of them here.

Destination #16 – From Austria we travel to Brussels, Belgium to meet Gert, who has a lovely photoblog. “Look at me” is a beautiful freeze frame. If you browse through the archives, you will find a few more of the “Look at me” series, which is truly amazing.

Destination #17 – Next we stop at East Flaunders, Belgium home to Ann, a wildlife enthusiast and photographer and she sent this post on the Lilac-Breasted Roller just before heading off for her wedding anniversary last weekend.

Destination #18 – From Belgium, we head about 150kms north of Paris, France where Veronica lives. Here’s a beautiful post on the photo session with the Blackbird. This post is interestingly the result of our interactions over e-mails, where she communicated in French and I translated it using Google translator to help her! This is why they say – the world is flat!

Destination #19 – We then head towards Saarbruecken, Germany to meet Cerstin, a long time blogger friend who focuses on macro photography. His post on the Eurasian Jay has his trademark macro touch. Check it out.

Destination #20 – Greece, the land of monuments is our next stop where we visit Thanasis, an avid birder. The post on Terns in Greece is a must read.

Destination #21 – After meeting Thanasis in Greece, we go and visit Miklós at Pecs, Hungary. he is another avid birder and please do not miss his latest post interestingly titled – “I m very angry”!

Destination #22 – Did you know that we can find Wrens and the Robins in Reykjavik, Iceland as well? Chris, our birder blogger shares this special photo session that he had with them.

Destination #23 – Heerlen, Netherlands is our next stop to visit Janko. The series on ducklings, up close and personal is a must see.

Destination #24 – From Netherlands, we make a trip to Bergen, Norway where Jiri lives. Pl. do check out his beautiful submission on the “Crossbill Invasion”.

Destination #25 – Next stop is Cluj Napoca, Romania, which is home to Andy. His submission on the Amercian Kestrel photographed during his trip to Brazil is a lovely read.

Destination #26 – From Romania to Bjäre Peninsula in Southern Sweden to meet Phil. Pl. check out his encounter with the White-Tailed Eagle.

Destination #27 – London, United Kingdom is our next stop to check out Ian’s blog. read his cool post on the diving Gannets.

Destination #28 – London is also home to Peter, a birder for 30 years. His post on a recent birding trip with friends is just lovely.

Destination #29 – Still in the United Kingdom we head to Milton Keynes, home to Keith. And his candid post on catalogue of errors is an interesting read for any budding birder.

Destination #30 – Next we travel to Redditch, United Kingdom to visit Andy. His “10,347 Bird Species” is surely worth a visit.

Destination #31 – United Kingdom has so many birders and Paul from Sheffield is one such avid birder. His post on the RSPB Fairburn Ings has a beautiful collection of bird images. Do check it out.


Destination #32 – Elmore, Australia is our next stop to visit David, an accomplished photographer, known for his stunning bird photography. The Variegated Fairy Wren post is a beautiful showcase of his work.Destination #33 – Victoria, Australia is the place to visit Duncan and his amazing post on rejuvenation of a local wetland at Maffra.


Destination #34 – Montreal, Canada is home to Mario and his post titled “abandoned”, submitted in the Montreal photo rally is indeed a touching post.

Destination #35 – Montreal, Canada is home to yet another blogger friend Dominic. The flight shots of the Snowy Owl in his post are awesome.

Destination #36 – From Montreal we go to Alberta where John, an accomplished wildlife and landscape photography resides. His post on the Burrowing Owl is well written with this stunning image of an Owl perched on a fencepost, in gorgeous golden evening light.

Destination #37 – Saskatoon, Canada is home to Nick, who’s post of the Northern Hawk Owl is simply beautiful. Pl. don’t forget to click on the image to see the larger version of the Owl.

Destination #38 – British Columbia, Canada is where Dave lives. Pl. check out his comprehensive post on the Long-Billed Dowitchers.

Destination #39 – From Canada to Arizona, USA to meet Roberta, who’s post on bird migrations is a useful read.

Destination #40 – Pl. check out the North America’s smallest Baeolophus in “Titmice in the Desert”. This post has been put up by Arizona resident Rick.

Destination #41 – Another avid birder who lives in Arizona is Alison. She has photographed Osperys in this post “how old are you ?”, where they look beautiful against the clear blue skies.

Destination #42 – From Arizona to California, USA to meet ♫ Sara. Its just incredible to see her unique birding technique in the birds “on the rocks” post.

Destination #43 – While in California, check out this post put up by Larry, on the Western Grebe behavior on Clear Lake.

Destination #44 – California is also home to Chuq. The post on “teachable moment” on learning from one’s mistakes is quite an interesting one.

Destination #45 – From California to Colorado, USA where we meet Connie. Pl. check out her prized catch, the Yellow-throated Warbler.

Destination #46 – Florida, USA is Tim‘s coordinates. The freeze frames of the Great Egret in flight is a treat to watch. Check out his amazing post on birding nirvana.

Destination #47 – In Florida we also meet Klaus, an accomplised web designer who is also a photographer. His Barred Owls post is a must see.

Destination #48 – Eddie an avid birder from Illinois, USA visited the ICF recently. Check out what came out of his trip to the International Crane Foundation (ICF).

Destination #49 – John from Maine, USA shares with us his encounter with the shy Gray Catbirds , which he had at close quarters.

Destination #50 – Maryland, USA is home to Karen, and the Downy Woodpecker post is a creative blur. Check it out for yourself!

Destination #51 – Still in the United States we head to Massachusetts where we meet Andy, and his shorebirds at Gooseberry is a good series on waterbirds. Pl. check out the image of the Osprey in flight.

Destination #52 – From Massachusetts to Minnesota, USA where Debbie has shared with us a post on the Heron trio. This is quite a lesson on DOF. Check it out.

Destination #53 – New Jersey, USA is home ot Brenda and her post on “photographing songbirds” is amazing, especially the image of the Baltimore Oriole.

Destination #54 – We also meet John in New Jersey. He is an avid birder and he shares with us a post on eBird – the birding companion.

Destination #55 – As you see there are lot of birders in the United States. From New Jersey we head to North Carolina, to meet Mary . Her humming bird series is simply irresistable.

Destination #56 – Here we also meet Nate. Pl. do not forget to checkout his unique submission on handmade parade.

Destination #57 – Tim from Oklahoma, USA shares his post on voluntourism in Kenya , which I found very interesting. The Flamingos and Black Rhinos in the same image is a must see.

Destination #58 – We hop to Texas from Oklahoma to see this beautiful post by Jason on the Krider’s red-tailed hawkagainst the blue skies.

Destination #59 – Texas, USA is also home to Randi and Knut. Their image of ducks in flight using a borrowed lens is a must see.

Destination #60 – Our last stop in the United States is Virginia where we visit Helen. Check out her post – year of beautiful birds where she has summarized all the beautiful birds that she saw last year.


Destination #61 – From the United States we head to Rio, Brazil in South America. This is home to Marcos. His close encounter with the Burrowing Owl is a must see.

Destination #62 – Panama City, is our next stop where I browsed through Jan‘s blog. His submission on the Bim Bim is truly lovely post.

Destination #63 – Peru is home to Tor. His latest post on birding around Sucre has a good collection of bird images.


Destination #64 – We now start the last leg of our journey by visiting Nairobi, Kenya where we meet Susan . You must check out her post on the Great White Pelican.

Destination #65 – And finally Gauteng, South Africa, home to Philip. Pl. do not miss his amazing post on the Black-Headed Oriole.


Destination #66 – We now complete this journey – “Around the world in 66 blogs” by visiting ‘I and the Bird’ itself. Wiltshire, England is home to Charlie. And here he shares with us the interview with Christoph Zöckler on Spoon-Billed Sandpiper.

The next edition #113 is hosted by Matthew Sarver, an ecologist, consultant and writer from Delmarva, USA. You can send your submission to Matthew Sarver (matt AT matthewsarver DOT com).