Maya of “Million little stitches” had tagged us to reveal the sixth image in the sixth folder. Maya has been the inspiration behind our blog. She motivated us to share our wildlife experiences and “Walk the Wilderness” was born about 6 months ago. Thank you Maya for your encouragement and support and we dedicate this post to you as a token of our friendship.

We normally post a series of images; Hence we modified this tag to make a series based on the sixth image in the sixth folder, which happened to be an Asiatic Elephant. In this post, we wanted to share with you the various sides of this intelligent mammal. We have captured here the playful mood of the Elephants and must say that it was pure entertainment to watch them play in water. They are at their best when they find a waterhole.These images show a couple of the expressions of ‘Elephants in Play’.

The next series of images show how Elephants intelligently wash off the clay from the fresh plucked grass, submerged under the water, before feeding.

And this final sequence of images capture the expressions of tender love and care that a Elephant cow has for her calf.