On this drive in Kabini Backwaters in the famous Nagarhole National Park, Karnataka, India we came to a huge waterbody in the middle of the park. We waited to soak in the amazing tranquility of this waterbody, when an Asiatic Elephant, one with huge tusks, came by. We thought we would scuttle away at the sight of our jeep, but I guess his thirst was more important to him at this moment. We looked at us and then turned around and put his trunk down to the water and slowly dank the water to his heart’s fill, giving us a good photo opportunity.

When we spotted this White-throated Kingfisher, we thought it had caught a fish, but it soon revealed its catch that happened to be a tadpole, which it quick snacked away before flying off to a different perch. Its also interesting to notice how they close their eyes, when they wrestle with their catch.