When we were in the Barasingha’s homeland – Kanha National Park, we wanted to see them in as many different scenarios as possible. One of the best pictures of the Barasingha is when the Grasslands of the park gets covered in fog. Sighting a Barasingha is the misty Grasslands of Kanha is a bucket list shot. We finally ticked off that one from our list when we not only saw the Barasinghas in misty conditions, we also saw them sporting their weird grassy hairdo and jostling for mating rights.

The tussle for dominance was sorted out like gentlemen, with just a few posturing moves before the contenders went their separate ways. The victor went in the direction of the female Barasingha, feeding in the distance, to scout for a probable mate.

We were told by our guide that the grass at the tips of the antlers was actually patiently collected by the males from the swamps to increase their appeal to the female Barasinghas. This interesting picture below, is of two Barasingha brothers, who were resting in the tall grass making a lovely composition.