This post is in continuation from where we left off in the previous post where we sighted a Bengal Tigress during one of our afternoon safaris in Kabini. We had found her walking around nonchalantly, scent marking all along the way. And then somewhere she decided to veer away from the road and sit down. We thought she was going to take a snooze. But then this confident Bengal Tigress got up and started to walk away from the Lantana directly in the direction of the road. By now there many vehicles on the road but that didn’t seem to bother her at all.

She scent marked a tree right next to the road, announcing to other Tigers whenever they came along, that this is her territory. Then she walked past the tree and came directly onto the road, right behind us. She walked along the road for a couple of paces, before crossing over to the other side and disappeared into the Lantana.