Happy 2021 to all of you!

Keeping in line with our practice of reliving the best wildlife moments of 2020, we have put together a compilation of the best experience we had in each of our favourite locations.

The best wildlife experience of 2020 has a clear winner in the Lioness carrying her cubs in Serengeti National Park as depicted by the feature image of this post. You can read more about that experience here.

This year we visited Kanha National Park that is located in Central India and, this post on the Land of the Barasingha truly does justice to Kanha.

The sighting of the rare Caracal in Maasai Mara was the highlight of the Maasai Mara posts. Unfortunately we can’t visit Mara this time, given the pandemic situation.

The unique sighing of the Asiatic Elephant wallowing in mud, is something that we had not witnessed in India and, is the highlight of our trips to the Bandipur National Park this year.

And finally coming to Kabini, our favourite wildlife destination that we call home, the fantastic sighting of the Leopard posing for us on a slanting tree was the most photogenic post of the year 2020.

No series on best wildlife experiences is complete without a post on the Royal Bengal Tiger. This post is about a Tigress that just sat in front of our vehicle in Kabini, giving us many a photo ops.