Helmeted Guineafowls are a widespread resident of the African bush. Our experience with these Guineafowls, whom we found to be both noisy and surprisingly shy, was pretty frustrating. We sighted them in small flocks almost everywhere along the jeep tracks in the Serengeti National Park. However, as soon as the jeep got close to them, they would scramble away to a distance just outside the reach of the camera only to reassemble again.We tried to photograph them in Northern and Central Seregenti, but had no luck. We had almost given up on them, when during a morning jeep safari into Western Serengenti, our luck took a dramatic turn. We were driving along the jeep track and noticed a flock of wild Guineafowls a little ahead of us. As usual they disbursed when the vehicle got close to them. However, there was one friendly Guineafowl who decided to check us out. Rather than moving away, it quickly hopped on to a dry shrub, which bought it almost at eye-level to us. We cautiously approached it, clicking images. The Guineafowl did not budge from where it was and we finally got close enough to photograph full frame images of this bird.