We found many species of birds inside the camp premises during our short stay in the Ikoma Bush Camp in northern Serengeti. We were particularly intrigued by a colony of Speke’s Weaver that were busy building nests on the Acacia trees. We went around from tree to tree to find a camera friendly subject and finally found one that allowed us within reach with the 300mm f2.8 lens with 2x TC.

However, the location of the nest called for the camera to be supported with a tripod since there was nothing to support it on. Unfortunately we could not carry our tripod and hence I used my wife’s shoulder to support the camera and got a few images. The nest kept swaying in the morning African breeze and so did my wife under the weight of the D300 with the 300mm lens combination!

The images of the female Speke’s Weaver and the male away from the nest were taken at a waterhole in Ngorongoro Crater.