We came across this Rhino carcass, a week or so old, during our first safari into the eastern range of the Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary. The carcass had been stripped to the bone by the wildlife around there, especially the vultures. And when we reached the site, we saw some of these scavengers still hovering around the carcass, giving us this amazing opportunity to observe and photograph them at close quarters.
We were quite fortunate to find a couple of species of Vultures at the carcass; the Himalayan Griffon, the near threatened Cinereous Vulture and the critically endangered Long-billed Vulture.

Here is a collection from that chance sighting. Most images are full frame compositions taken with the D300, 300mm f2.8 mounted with the 2x TC. The last image is taken with the D80, 18-200mm VR lens combo.

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