Since January we have been sharing with you our wildlife experiences from our first visit to the Nameri and Kaziranga wildlife sanctuaries in North East India. As mentioned in a few of our earlier posts, this part of India is home to some beautiful species of birds and is a must visit for any birder. So we thought it would be appropriate to conclude our experiences of the NE India with a four part series (starting this week) on this birding paradise. So without much ado let’s get going.

The Oriental Hobby is a species of Falcon and a resident mainly of the Himalayas and NE India. We spotted a couple of these beauties close to the Nameri Eco Camp.

We spotted this Brown Fish Owl on one of our morning safaris in the Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary. In this post on B R Hills you will find yet another image of this beautiful Owl.
The Grey-backed Shrike is a wide resident of the Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary and you can see more images of this beauty in this earlier post.
The Bar-headed Goose is another commonly found species in the Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary. However getting close to these birds to get good images is quite a challenge. Here is one such image where we got lucky to get the bird in flight.

The Greater Adjutant is an endangered species of the stork family found only in Assam in India. The water bodies in the Kaziranga Sanctuary are home to these species and one of the good places to photograph them.

The Yellow-footed Green Pigeon is a widespread resident of NE India and this vibrant coloured bird was friendly enough to give us almost full frame compositions.
White Wagtails are again widespread residents of NE India and we got an opportunity to capture this beauty on a misty morning in Kaziranga.
We have earlier shared some flight shots in our earlier post here of the Pallas Fish Eagle. This majestic raptor is today a vulnerable species and we consider ourselves quite lucky to have been able to get some good photographs of it.