In general, the Crested Serpent Eagle are cooperative subjects who sit motionless on branches flanking the safari track, allowing photographers to get full frame compositions using a lens with 400mm focal length or higher. We feel that this makes the beautiful raptor a perfect subject for those who are starting out with wildlife photography.

This time round, we spotted a Crested Serpent Eagle on the forest floor. On seeing it there, we instinctively knew that it was hunting. As we approached it closer, it flew onto a branch close to the jeep track. On closer observation, we noticed that it has preyed on a lizard, and must have stomped it to death (we realised this from the Crested Serpent Eagle‘s blood stained claws). 

The Serpent Eagle is known to have a protective membrane (known as the nictitating membrane in eagles as seen in the 2nd image) around its eye. This membrane is a clear inner eyelid that closes to moisten and protect the eye while allowing the eagle to still see. 

This particular Serpent Eagle, sat on the branch scanning its surrounding giving us the opportunity to take some portrait images and before it flew away to eat its meal in peace.