After staying a night at a homestay in Rumbak Village situated in the Hemis Wildlife Sanctuary, Ladakh, we decided to head back to the campsite the next day morning, hoping to spot a pack wolves, seen in the area recently. After packing their bags, Ritish and Minakshi who are avid birders were scanning the horizon for avian life and they spotted a flock of Tibetan Patridges foraging alongside few Chukars, near the stream, the main source of water for the village.

Ritish suggested that I take a closer look and I jumped at the opportunity of photographing this high altitude bird. I immediately mounted the D300 – 600mm lens combination onto the tripod and trudged through the morning snowfall to a patch of vegetation near the stream bed and took a few record shots of the Tibetan Partridge. The Rufus plumage stood out beautifully against the white snow background and I decided to try my luck at getting closer for better pictures. I slowly moved closer and closer to the flock, all the while taking pictures and the thirty minutes I spent with the flock was rewarded with some frame filling compositions.