We spotted and photographed many birds on this trip of ours to Maasai Mara. The Grey Crowned Crane that was foraging along the safari tracks took the feature image slot thanks to its gorgeous crown. We also caught a glimpse of the ever wary Black-bellied Bustard, that hurriedly got off the safari road as it saw our vehicle approaching.

Black-bellied Bustard

Yellow-billed Stork

We were on our way to get to know Mr. Scar face better when we spotted this Yellow-billed Stork. We quickly took a few pictures before rushing to our star attraction of the evening, Mr. Scar Face. On our way, we saw this back-lit Goshawk below that was scanning the horizon for potential prey. And we clicked a few record shots.

Lilac-brested Roller

The Lilac breasted Roller was perched motionless on the lookout for a snack, not far away from the location where we spotted the Black Rhinoceros after an hour’s search.¬†We saw this Barn Swallow (below) resting on shrub close to the safari track and gave us a lovely opportunity to get some eye level compositions. We spotted the sleeping Lion pride almost immediately after we photographed this Swallow.

Barn Swallow