We started this morning game drive in Amboseli National Park well rested thanks to the wonderful accommodation at Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge. As with every game drive, this time too, we looked towards Mount Kilimanjaro to see if we could get a clear shot. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be, since it was hidden behind the clouds. After a few minutes into the drive, the sun came out shining bright and soon the light turned golden. I am always excited to photograph during the golden hour and today we hit the jackpot. We saw a Secretary bird foraging in the distance. It looked gorgeous in the golden light. Normally Secretary Birds keep walking at a brisk pace and usually away from the road; one the many reasons why we don’t have a good picture of this species. But today was different. This Secretary bird stopped its foraging, stood still for sometime focusing on preening itself and once even gave us a spectacular pose making it a jackpot of sightings of this species. Here are a series of pictures from that lucky sighting of the endangered species.