The common Bonnet Macaque is a species of primate found only in Southern India. and they are found in almost every kind of forest. A striking behavior of these primates is that they have the tendency of gravitating towards human habitations. In fact, it is interesting to note that significant populations of completely wild Bonnet Macaques in interior forests have rarely been reported.
Their proximity to humans have led to many man-animal conflicts. We have read research reports, which indicate that several groups of monkeys have been completed eliminated over the last two decades and that some areas that had abundant populations earlier are now completely devoid of them. As per wikipedia, it is possible that if this scenario continues the common Bonnet Macaque of today, which is in the least concern, may well become endangered species of tomorrow.

Here’s a series of images of this social species of primate. Pl. note that all images are of wild Bonnet Macaques; however most of them have been photographed close to human habitats within Wildlife Sanctuaries.