After spending some time with the Lilac-breasted Roller, it was time to head back for breakfast at the resort. As we got closer to the resort, our driver and naturalist mentioned that we should check out a couple of major crossing points en-route. As we came close to the crossing point, we spotted a skulk of Bat-eared Foxes basking in the morning sunlight and we stopped to observe them. Their ears are huge in comparison to their diminutive bodies and make them interesting photography subjects. As we watched them, one of the foxes nudged closer to another one and started preening it and we captured that intimate moment as the feature image of this post.

Bat-eared Fox

Bat-eared fox Skulk

Since they were sun bathing, it gave us some time to observe and photograph this skulk of Bat-eared Foxes before our growling stomach told us its time to rush for breakfast. As we headed back, we were pleasantly surprised to see that Mara Serena had planned for a breakfast in the bush instead of the routine one at the resort. The location beside the Mara river and having breakfast while watching the Hippos is a lovely experience. As we were finishing our breakfast, a troop of Banded Mongoose came rushing to the breakfast site. We realized that they have come in search of an easy meal. They fearlessly walked past us and got onto an empty table to search for left over food. All the time, giving us some amazing photo opportunities.

Banded Mongoose

Banded Mongoose 2

We got a few parting shots before the Banded Mongoose troop headed back into the bushes as quickly as they came. Back at the resort, a Warthog family came to the waterhole maintained by the resort and cooled themselves.


Masai Mara view from Mara Serena

Soon it was time to go on the evening safari. Just before we headed out, I captured the magnificent views of Masai Mara that you see from the resort’s viewing deck. We started our evening safari with this sighting of sparring Zebras. And as we drove out, little did we know that the Mara had some exciting plans for us this evening.