I was resting in the sit-out of my cottage in Jungle Lodges property in Bandipur National Park when I spotted Munia’s flying back and forth from the next cottage. I instinctively knew that there was a nest somewhere on the roof of that cottage and it didn’t take long to spot it. I quickly grabbed my camera and got these few pictures of the Scaly-breasted Munia fledglings and their cautious parent.

We headed off on our safari into a very wet Bandipur National Park, thanks to the monsoon rains at this time of year. While we did not spot any cats, we struck gold with a variety of fauna. The Asiatic Wild Dog, commonly known as Dhole was looking extra handsome, thanks to the monsoon saturating the colours.

This curious Gaur calf, with the mother overlooking our every move made a beautiful composition.

The highlight of the safari drives over these two days was without doubt the Brown Fish Owl. Again its plumage made even more attractive by the monsoon saturated colours with the touch of moisture.